All of our building projects revolve around people, their histories and their ambitions. For us as designers, imagining spaces starts with listening to clients in order to truly understand their narrative before we can respond with a matching building proposal.

Designing is a collaborative and adaptive process. From first sketch to completion, we discuss proposals with clients, planners and contractors by means of models and drawings. We present three-dimensional models on varying scales to provide real insight into how spaces can be used, experienced and enjoyed. Detailed drawing sets ensure all relevant design information is shared with the parties involved.

As part of sound design development, studioNOLET discusses construction costs from the outset to ensure they fit the budget. We work closely with experienced builders and can advise on the right procurement route for your project. To guarantee projects are built to a high standard, on time and within budget, we spend a great deal of time on-site where we closely monitor every aspect throughout the entire building process.


We work closely with homeowners to thoroughly understand their brief, wishes and needs. On this basis, we develop a tailor-made and unique spatial solution that matches the client’s lifestyle.


We know the value of high-quality working environments and how they enhance the day-to-day experience of their occupants.


With a sound and practical understanding of the drivers of successful residential development, we utilise our skills to fully unlock the potential of challenging sites.